Financial Management System

Credit Co-Operative Society Software developed by Vaibhav Infotech built especially for Credit Cooperative Societies Bhopal with automatic posting of business data to accounts module. Credit Cooperative Societies software with core banking operations such Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposits, Daily Deposit Schemes, Loan to Customers, Monthly Income Schemes, Dividend declarations etc. Credit Co-Operative Society Software handles the Members details, all Saving A/c, Current A/c, FD A/c, RD A/c, and DDS A/c. Credit Co-Operative Society Software handles management of Cheque book, Pass book and Bond. Credit Co-Operative Society Software handles all kind of Loan operations, printing Loan Ledger, Automatic Interest Calculations.

Credit Co-Operative Society Software has integrated General Accounting Module with Cash-Bank Book, Journal Entries, General Ledgers, Trial Balance, Day Book, Fix Deposit, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet etc. Fully secured database with role based security implementations.
A cooperative or co-operative (“co-op”) is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual, social, economic, and cultural benefit. Cooperatives include non-profit community organizations and businesses that are owned and managed by the people who use its services (a consumer cooperative) or by the people who work there (a worker cooperative) or by the people who live there (a housing cooperative), hybrids such as worker cooperatives that are also consumer cooperatives or credit unions, multi-stakeholder cooperatives such as those that bring together civil society and local actors to deliver community needs, and second and third tier cooperatives whose members are other cooperatives.
A cooperative is a legal entity owned and democratically controlled by its members. Members often have a close association with the enterprise as producers or consumers of its products or services, or as its employees.
Vaibhav Infotech has been working in software development since last 10 years. In that period we have design lot of websites & software, “Cooperative Society” is one of them. Before developed that our experts research on that in very deep and understood the concept also. After more research on that we started the work to develop the “Cooperative Society” software. Our team thought that lot of limitation in window base like core banking; real time updating is not available etc, so we decided to develop that application on Web.

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Membership management

Agent Share Management

Account management (FD, RD, DD etc)

Payment Deposit Counter

Loan management

Fixed Deposit

General Accounting

Saving Account

Recovery Sheet

1. Scheme Management


Normal Roi, Special Roi Provision

Scheme Wise Irregular management

Activation & Deactivation of Schemes

Scheme Wise Prematurity management

Scheme List Report Plan Wise

Penalty Provision

Grace Period Setting

Amount Multiple off

Minimum Amount Condition

Edit Option for Scheme

Loan against Deposit

RD Multiple Mode facility (Like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly)

Discount Facility on Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly submission of installment

Credit business Provision (Mostly Used in Agent Promotion)

ROI compounding facility (Like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly)

2. Member Management

Members Registration

Members Edit Registration

Members Approval

Members Report

Member Complete Summary Report

Members Photo, Signature, Id Proof, Address Proof Upload

3. Agent Management

Edit Agent Registration

Deleted Policy Record

Agent List By Post

Commission Information scheme wise

Member to Agent Creation

Agent Promotion Date wise

Agent Promotion (Manual, Auto)

Agent Promotion History

Down line Installment

Due Promotion Report

Agent Registration

Agent Approval

Agent Down line

Agent Up line

Direct Installment

Update Designation

Direct Policy

Down Line Policy

Agent Report

4. Transactions

Fixed Deposit

MIP Policy

IR-Regularity Management

Approve Installment Receipt

Pre Maturity Management

Daily Policy

Bond Policy

Approve Policy

Installment Receipt

New RDP Policy (With Mode Selection Facility Monthly/ Quarterly/Half yearly/ Yearly)

5. Payments

Policy Maturity Payment Branch Wise

Issue Cheque (Cash, Cheque, Transfer to Saving A/c)

Agent Wise Commission

Policy Wise Commission

Agent Commission Payout

Paid Payment report

Month Wise Commission

Wallet Dashboard

Paid MIP Payment Report

MIP Policy Payment(Cash,Cheque,Transfer to Saving A/c)

6. Reports

RD Installment Report

Due RD Installment Report

Receipt Information

Policy List

Daily Collection Report

User Tracking Report

Complete Policy Information

7. Print

Policy Certificate Print

Passbook Reprint Setup ( RD, Saving)

Statement Print (RD, DD)

Cash Receipt Print

Passbook Print Setup

Default, Customized Print

8. SMS

Id Wise Sms

Non pan card holder Sms

City /State wise Sms

Non-bank detail holders sms

Group Master

Loan Wise Sms

Down line Wise Sms

Scheme wise Sms

Registration Sms

Birthday Sms

Add new Contact

Other Sms

9. User Manager

Branch Master (N Numbers of Branch Creation Facility)

Manage Back Date & Future Date Entries

Manage Agent & Members Ship Fees

Designation Master

Backup data

Fetch password

State City Master

Region Master

Designation Role, & there Rights

Branch Staff (N Numbers of Staff Creation Facility With Page Rights)

10. Saving Account Management

Saving Account Master

Saving Account Report

Transaction Saving Account

Saving Account Statement

Saving Account Edit ( only in Joint Account)

Cheque Book Report

Saving Account Penalty

Deactivate Saving Account’s

Saving A/c Interest Report

New Saving Account

Saving Account Summary

Cheque Management

Balance Information

Issue Cheque Book

Account Statement

Saving Account Interest

Saving A/c Penalty Report

11. Loan

Loan Master

Approve Loan

Due Loan Installment

Loan Penalty Report

Loan Installment Approval

Loan Installment Report

Loan Installment Print

New Loan

Loan List

Loan Issue Cheque

Loan Installment

Loan Closing

Loan Statement

12. Share Management

Share Master

Share Report

13. Website

Vacancy apply for

Career Report

News Manager

Add City

Feedback Report

14. Login Panel

Admin Panel

Company Website

Branch/Staff Panel

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