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Product Management: Create your products and start selling

1. Create Products
2. Upload products
3. Edit and search products
4. Create your products and start selling

Customized Receipts

Refashion your receipts easily by adding your business information, or by translating its content to your preferred language. You may even add a photo.

Smart Tax Management

Choose inclusive tax or exclusive tax, single tax or multiple tax, branch-specific tax, or item-specific taxes.

Branch Pricing

Set different prices for items you sell in different branches.

Work Offline

Store v3 lets you work more efficiently. Process sales offline, letting you work even when there is no internet connection.

E-mail Receipts

You can automatically email a receipt to any customer after a sale, letting you save on printing costs

Advanced Functions

Open Price, Split Payments, Layaways, Reward Points, Round Off Decimals… the list goes on and on.


Easily add your products to the Stockroom by uploading a CSV file.


The download option lets you save a back-up of your inventory.

Sort by Tags

Add as many tags to your items for easy search and sorting.

MIS Reports

Graphs and Tables

You sales data is presented in graphic format to help you understand it better.

Top Products

See your store’s best-selling products in any given period.

Sales by Salesman

Gauge the performance of every salesman in your store by seeing how much they are selling.

Sort Data

Narrow down the sales data by time period, or by product tags.

More Advanced Features

Download Data

Download your sales invoices and item details to a CSV file for back-up and your accounting needs.

Open Price

Change your item’s price while selling.

Email Receipt

You can email receipts directly to your customers, letting you save on printing costs.

Service Type

This allows users to tag items as service, so Imonggo will not track its quantity in the Stockroom. This is useful for services like repairs or gift wrapping.

Decimal Quantity

This allows you to sell items by decimal quantity, like kilo or liter.

Rounding Off

You may choose the number of decimal places you want to use, and to what amount it will round off.

Customer Membership

You may give instant discounts or points to loyal customers every time they purchase a product.

Reward Promos

You may set up special promotions when a customer buys a specific product.

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